Big Kahunas – Staycation Fun!


One great thing about living in Paradise is that it’s so easy to take a mini-vacation!  We decided that with the addition of Little Man, instead of trying to go somewhere on vacation this year, it would be easier on us and our wallets to have some awesome adventures right in our backyard.  A side […]

Aerobie Superdisc Review and #Giveaway


Hope you all are enjoying your summer! We sure are – which is why you haven’t been hearing too much from me. Between our new baby and all of our outdoor fun, blogging has taken a back seat. One thing we’ve really had fun with lately was sent to me from Aerobie. Their Superdisc flying […]

Dining in Pensacola – Zoës Kitchen


When I found out a Zoës Kitchen was opening at Cordova Mall in Pensacola, I was pretty excited.  I love finding new places that are healthy!  I had heard so many great things about them as well.  However, I wasn’t at all sure how my husband or daughter would like it.  They can be pretty […]

Challenger Sports Soccer CAmp Review


This week, my daughter has been attending British Soccer Camp, which we received a free week of.  While she did enjoy the camp, we also determined that she is not the competitive athlete type.  Not that surprising – she takes after me!  She did learn a lot at the camp, since she didn’t know a […]

Jackpot Candles Review


Ever have days when you cook some wonderful food, leave the house, and then when you come back you realize that the food has left the house STINKY?? We had that happen last night – we roasted some broccoli for dinner. The broccoli was delicious, but when we went for a walk and came back, […]

Red White and BLUES Week! #PensacolaBeach


Here on Pensacola Beach, the Fourth of July is just a preview of all of the fun that is to come! Every year the Blue Angels have their show on Pensacola Beach the week after the Fourth. This is one of the great times of year to live on the beach – as long as […]

Healthy Snacking with Nogii! #nogiitablesetters #NoGiiLife


These days, making sure I’m getting enough protein is pretty high on my priority list. As a breastfeeding vegetarian Mom, it’s really something that I need to think about. So of course when I had the chance to try some protein bars I took the plunge! I received this product for free from the sponsor […]

Microfiber Duster #purecarehome


  Living in the South, we have a lot of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great for moving air and allowing us to keep out thermostat raised a little to save on electricity, but cleaning them is never a fun job. Especially in our central room, that has 12 foot ceilings. We were so excited […]

Review of #ArianasArt48ColoredPencilSet


One thing that my daughter and I enjoy doing together lately is coloring. I find it relaxing, and of course she loves coloring! Recently I bought a really nice coloring book for us to use together. It sure has been a lot of fun! Around the same time, we got the opportunity to review Ariana’s […]

Coosh Rapid MFI Certified Car Charger Review #Coosh


These days, you can’t go far without needing some type of mobile device. I know that even though we don’t try to stay online all of the time, we have to make sure we bring ours with us because even the school uses texting to send important messages! When I’m at the house, I’ve been […]

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