Bluapple – A Review

If you’re like me, a lot of your grocery bill each month is dedicated to fresh produce.  For me, it’s a two-edged sword.  I like to keep a variety of fresh produce around (if it isn’t there, you definitely won’t eat it!), but I also don’t want to waste food.  Since it’s often just Little Miss and I, a little food goes a long way! 

Three things help keep fresh fruits and vegetables at their best:
  • Temperature:  We all know that keeping our produce cool lengthens its lifespan!
  • Humidity:  This is why most things come in vented bags – they need a moist, but not wet, environment
  • Ethylene Gas Management:  All living plants give off ethylene gas, which is a chemical signal to speed along ripening.  When we put produce in our fridge to take care of the temperature and humidity, gas builds up with nowhere to go! 

The Bluapple is a great little device to help us with that!  The Bluapple does not release any chemicals – it simply absorbs the gasses being put off by your produce so they don’t receive that signal to ripen faster.  Keep a couple in your fridge, and a couple in your fruit basket if you keep one on the table.  Each packet (which you keep inside the apple), absorbs gas for three months.  After that, feel free to open the packet and dump it into your plants as fertilizer!  You can even register on their website so you’ll get a handy reminder when it’s time to replace the packets. 

I’ve used Bluapple for about three weeks now, and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in the life of my produce.  In my experience, it seems the more “tender” the produce, the more of a difference I notice.  Even better, they have a 90 day warranty, so if you aren’t completely satisfied you can get your money back!  At only $9.99 for a 2-pack that lasts three months, and refills even cheaper than that, you can see how you’ll easily make that money back, considering most Americans throw out $600 worth of produce a year! 

If you’re a light produce user, your packets may last longer than three months.  You can check them by cutting off a small corner of the packet and removing some granules.  The granules are purple at first, but as they absorb gas they turn brown.  If your granules are brown or rust colored, it’s time to replace the packet! 

Buy It:  You can buy Bluapple products at their website.  

I received a Bluapple for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.

About April H

My family and I live on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. We love outdoor adventures, protecting the Earth, cooking great food, and trying new things!
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