Like everyone else, we’ve been having one really hot summer!  This is the second morning in as many weeks that it isn’t unbearably hot as early as nine in the morning.  After too many days when the heat index is already at 95 at 5 am, I’m ready for some cooler weather!

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with a little slip and slide fun. 

Slip and Slide fun!

Even Snoopy managed to get in on the fun!  Little Miss couldn’t quite figure out how to slip and slide on her own, and no one wanted to do a demonstration, so we just went with the old-fashioned manual method.  What a blast!  It’s a good workout (for Dad) as well! 

Every day I’m absolutely amazed by how much joy Little Miss brings into our lives – what did we ever do before we had her??



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  1. Our son loves Slip and Slide too. We had another hot day out today, and he’s enjoying it. Only 5 days till he starts school!

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