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I thought I’d let you all know about my sponsor for the Blogorama Bonanza starting September 12th!  As you all know, Ro Little at Mommy Blog Designs recently gave my blog a much-needed makeover. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final outcome! One thing I learned when moving to WordPress is that are a ton of things that go on behind the scenes there that can really affect the appearance and SEO of your blog. Ro uses a great custom theme for WordPress blogs that gives you plenty of room to get a completely original look while maintaining a professional design with high SEO.

What did I like about working with Ro?

Not only does she give you a great design, but she also gives you all of the tools you need to continue to make changes later if you want to. I love it when people don’t want you to have to be dependent on them if you ever decide to change something! She also continues to check in with me to see if I have any questions since she knows I’m not familiar with WordPress. Ro was also very helpful in answering questions I had that were unrelated to the blog design.

Don’t know what you want? No problem! She’ll come up with something to see if you like it – even if your ideas are really vague like mine were! Know exactly what you want? I’m sure she can accommodate that too! I gave here some thoughts, pictures, and goals, and she turned those into a great design for me!

Extremely easy to work with. Since I was moving to WordPress and getting the new blog all in one weekend, there was a lot that had to be done in an extremely short time frame. I thought that was a recipe for disaster, but with Ro’s help things went really smoothly.

I wanted to let Ro talk a little too, so here are some questions:

What got you interested in blog design?

Honestly … I really had not planned on starting a blog design business.  I just kind of fell into it … but I’m so glad that I did!  I started off just doing my own thing.  I have my own blog …Mommy Mind Spa and I designed it myself.  I had a blast doing it!  I guess I did a good job, because people started asking me who my designer was.  When I told them that I did it myself, they asked if I could help with theirs too!  So that’s how this whole thing started!

How long have you been designing web pages?

I’ve actually been playing around online with a whole bunch of different business since I had my son, almost 9 years ago.  I’ve had oodles of different websites and online businesses since then, and I designed them all using a whole assortment of different site building tools.

Everything that I’ve done is completely self-taught.  I’m constantly reading and researching.  I’ve spent the past 9 years completely immersing myself in websites and how to build things online.

But it’s only really in the few months that I’ve been hanging out in the Mommy Blog world.  I’m still really a newbie around here!  I am loving all of my fellow Mommy Bloggers … and the warm welcome that I’ve received here!

I know all of your designs are great, but do you have a favorite one you’d like to share with us?

Oh my goodness!!  That’s such a tough question!  All of my designs are special to me.  I really like how all of my designs have been turning out, and I put all of me into each one.  But to answer your question … there’s always going to be a special place in my heart for Changing Diapers and Taking Names . This was my very first customer … so that one will always be special to me.

What is your favorite thing about designing blogs?

One of my clients said the most interesting thing to me yesterday, and I think this really sums up how I work.  She called me the Blog Therapist!  At first I thought it was funny!  She says I’m like Dr. Phil.  But then I really thought about what she was saying, and it’s so true.

When I design a blog for someone, I’m not just trying to make them a pretty blog.  I really try to get to know them, and what they want to accomplish with their blog.  I believe that a blog is a special thing.  It’s really a place where moms come to share about themselves with the world.  It should be special and unique to them.  It should show the world who they really are.

So to answer your question about my favorite thing about designing blogs … I love getting to know my customers … who very quickly become my friends!!  I love taking what I’ve learned about who they are … and designing something truly special for them that they can feel proud of!  That makes me feel really great inside!


I hope you’ll all enter in September to win a Make it Pretty Blog Design package! This will be a completely custom, original design for you only – a $99 value! Additionally, Mommy Blog Designs has a giveaway every Friday of one of her pre-made designs. These are a great bargain at $39 if you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your blog, or you can stop by each Friday to try and win one!

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