Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark? – Review and a Giveaway – Bravery in a Bottle

A few months ago, Little Miss developed a fear of the dark. Since the house we live in is pretty old, there are always unidentified noises at night – I admit even I get nervous sometimes!

We’ve been working with her on various ways to deal with her fears. She has a ton of nightlights (I don’t know how she sleeps with all of that light), and we spray our own homemade “monster spray” before she goes to bed.


Before I was contacted by Monster Products, I was teaching Little Miss that she should roar back at the monsters if she saw them, and that would scare them away. So getting the Winston Plush was great – I told her that Winston was a friendly monster and that he could help her scare the bad monsters away. Now Winston has a place beside her bed (she doesn’t want him actually in her bed!) to stay up and protect her at night. He must help, because we rarely have any issues with her getting scared at night any more.

I think the gift pack with Winston and two sprays of your choice would be a great gift for your little munchkin who is having trouble sleeping at night!

Bravery in a Bottle has several different sprays to choose from. Each one is made with essential oils, and has a cute illustration on the bottle! These are the sprays:

· Monster Vapor

· Storm Squasher

· Courage Concoction (also a natural bug repellant and hand sanitizer)

· Feeling Campy

Essential oils have been used for centuries in curing ailments and calming people. You can see all of the great benefits of the essential oils used for the above products here! Many of these sprays do much more than calm children’s nerves. I love that the sprays have nothing harmful in them, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. I also love the great graphics they use!

BUY IT: Check out the complete line of products from Bravery in a Bottle here. From shirts to spray to dolls they have you covered!

WIN IT: One lucky US reader will win a bottle of Monster vapor!


Open US

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3 Responses to Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark? – Review and a Giveaway – Bravery in a Bottle

  1. agatha says:

    My son is also afraid of the dark. I never saw this item in the store so I’m really happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I hope he wins. TY

  2. Lots of children are afraid of the dark and parents should know there are products available to help. Too bad I missed this giveaway.

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