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One thing I’ve realized is that as I get older, I focus more on local movements and actions than larger movements.  I’m not sure if it’s age or being a Mom, but letter writing and other things don’t seem as important anymore.  I want to get involved on a local level about the things I feel passionate about.  I really believe small steps add up!  That’s why I was excited to hear about the $5 Challenge

What is the $5 challenge?  It’s just signing up for this simple pledge:

Today, I pledge to share a fresh, healthy meal that costs less than $5 — because slow food shouldn’t have to cost more than fast food.

So simple, and yet what a difference we could make if we all pledged to do this!  Most of the meals I make meet this challenge, so that makes me pretty happy.  I know I feel healthier and happier when I eat whole foods versus the overly-processed foods that are meant to save you time and money, but in all honesty don’t really. 

I hope some of you will take the challenge as well!

Need some recipe ideas?  Check out my list of recipes here, or check out these other sites!


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My family and I live on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. We love outdoor adventures, protecting the Earth, cooking great food, and trying new things!
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  1. Angela Sue Gross says:

    I decided to start bringing my lunch to work at least 3-4x week. This post is a great reminder to plan that. I am pledging to figure out how to make at least 2 of those lunches healthy and for $5 or less. Thank you! I’m excited to have found your blog.

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