Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure Giveaway!

Do your children like Mickey Mouse?  Little Miss does!  If they do, they’ll enjoy blasting off in space with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure to tour the Moon, Mars, and Rings of Saturn in search of ten stars.  Even Toodles gets to make a new friend in this adventure!  Of course they will make some alien friends and seek out treasure!  This DVD set also comes with glow-in-the-dark space-themed stickers! 

It’s Adventure Day and Professor Von Drake is sending Mickey and pals into the far reaches of outer space. The team blasts off in their Clubhouse Rocket in search of Treasure Stars that will point the way to the Out-of-this-World Treasure, their ultimate goal. The interplanetary trip takes preschool viewers first to the Moon, Mars and the Rings of Saturn. Along the way, the gang gets help from friendly space aliens Moon Men Chip and Dale, Martian Mickey and Pluto from Pluto but they also encounter sneaky Space Pirate Pete, who wants the Treasure all for himself. Eventually the Clubhouse Rocket’s crew and Space Pirate Pete manage to become friends, and they all follow the trail of the Treasure Stars to the mysterious Planet Mickey where they discover the location of the Out-of-this-World Treasure. It turns out to be a futuristic, space age version of the Clubhouse — the perfect meeting place for all pals across the universe!

BUY IT:  You can buy it at Amazon or your local retail store. 

WIN IT:  One lucky US reader will win their own copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhoue: Space Adventure!


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27 Responses to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure Giveaway!

  1. Sarah says:

    My favorite character is Donald Duck!

  2. Tara Oliver says:

    we love Mickey and Minnie! thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Deb K says:

    Minnie Mouse is our favorite!

  4. Lavonne Yates says:


  5. Brittany says:


  6. Jen Rabenstine says:


  7. ashley rexrode says:

    my favorite is goofy. my daughter loves minnie

  8. Suzanne H says:

    I love Donald Duck.

  9. Heidi McMahon says:

    My favorite is Mickey Mouse. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂
    tyson 2468 at charter dot net

  10. Jessica says:

    My Favorite is Daisy.

  11. Sara Filler says:


  12. Gianna says:

    Minnie Mouse.

  13. Erin R says:

    I heart pluto

  14. Claudia N says:

    Mickey Mouse is my favorite character

  15. Kathy Sykes says:

    Mickey is our favorite character, of course!

  16. Amber L. says:

    I like Minnie


  17. Mandy says:


  18. Rebecca Shockley says:

    Donald Duck

  19. jessica edwards says:


  20. aj harris says:

    Mickey or minnie

  21. Sam Buck says:

    I’d say it’s a tie between Pluto and Mickey!

  22. laurie brown says:

    Daisy Duck

  23. Farrah Shumway says:

    My favorite is Mickey Mouse or as my sin says…Mo Mo 🙂

  24. Lisa Cowan Whitham says:

    I love Donald.

    frugalmommieof2 at gmail dot com

  25. Kara G. says:

    I love Minnie mouse!

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