Do you have a friend who is always thinking about others? I know I do, and this is the perfect gift for that friend! World Vision gives you the chance to honor a friend with a gift to help others, and if you donate to their Maximum Impact Fund which sends the money to where it is needed most, your friend can get a gift as well! Donations start at just $25, and there are gifts for any personality!


I received the artisan multi-colored necklace, which I just love! This 48 inch strand of beautiful semi-precious stone can be used as a belt, necklace, bracelet, and more – whatever you can imagine! I like using it as a necklace, and love that I can make it long or short. There is no hook closure on it, but with the length you can loosely knot it or wrap it several times, so you’re sure not to lose it. I love the glass hearts that finish off each end of the strand!

The best thing about the gifts that World Vision gives is that they are self-sustainable. Goats can provide milk to children and the surplus can be sold to help support a family. For just $16, you can feed a family who has been struck by a disaster, homelessness, or job loss for a day. Know a teacher? For $32 you can supply school fees, textbooks, paper and pencils to a child to help them reach their full potential. These are just a few of the options available! No matter what your friend is passionate about, there is a great gift.

Additionally, this December World Vision staff will be travelling to see the impact that these gifts are making. Donors can follow “The True Spirit of Christmas” on Facebook. I hope you’ll consider World Vision while doing your Christmas giving!

BUY IT:  You can make a donation to World Vision and get a great gift shipped to your friend here.

WIN IT:  One lucky US reader will win a beautiful artisan necklace from the World Vision catalog! 


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54 thoughts on “Great Gift for the Person Who Loves Helping Others

    1. I agree! When I was in college, instead of all of us buying gifts for each other, all of the roommates would pitch in and buy a goat or something for a needy family. I’m not sure if it was through this company or a similar one, but it was a great way to give during the Holidays!

  1. I like the Plush Toy Goat. But I also LOVE the fact that you can buy a real goat that goes to help. That is so unique!!

  2. I also like the Thai Necklace (Turquoise) from the site and this is a wonderful way to give to others. reejen at comcast dot net

  3. my favorite things are the ones you can donate to villages in need (water, livestock, etc…) Makes a heart all warm knowing that for so little you can do so much!

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