The Story of Everett the Elf and His Magical Shoe

So I noticed that a lot of people have been looking at my Everett the Elf post, and I realized that they no longer sell it at Hallmark.  So sad – it is so cute!  Anyway, I thought I’d type out the story for you so you can make your own Elf if you’d like!

everett the elf

In December each year,

Santa’s elves volunteer

to help plan the big Christmas trek.

Everett Elf was aglow!

He was chosen to go

and help out with the holiday check.

Each chimney was measured –

would it hold enough treasures

to please all the good girls and boys?

Everett looked at each tree

to find out if there’d be

enough space for surprises and toys. 

When the world looked just right,

Everett flew north all night

and told Santa his mission was through.

But an un-merry frown

turned his smile upside down –

Everett noticed he’d lost his left shoe!

Santa chuckled, “There, there,

we can find a new pair –

that lost shoe will make someone’s day.

Sweet ‘elf magic’ fun

will delight everyone

until I arrive in my sleigh!”

And Santa was right! 

Ever since the first night,

the elf shoe brings good times and cheer!

That elf’s wayward shoe

creates fun things to do

all through December each year!

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