Blogorama Bonanza–Win a Great Kit for Toddlers!

Do you have a toddler or know someone who has a toddler?  If so, then this is the perfect kit for you!  Any toddler would love to have these great gifts, and as a parent you can feel good about giving them to your children!  So what’s up for grabs?

Yawning Yoga – $15.00

Yawning YogaTM is a beautifully illustrated and carefully sequenced bedtime yoga book designed specifically to help kids enjoy a restful sleep by helping them establish a bedtime routine that is proven to work. Creator Laurie Jordan has devised a perfect sleep solution that helps relax kids before bed by clearing their minds from worry and stress, and relieving their bodies’ anxiety and energy so they can get to sleep faster and experience a higher quality of sleep.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens To His Heart – $6.00

In Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to his Heart, Howard loves to dance, but his friends make fun of his dancing one day.  Because of this, Howard decides to learn something else.  He tries singing, running, art, and more, but these weren’t the things he truly loved!  His Grandpa teaches him how important it is to follow your heart, and his friends love the new dance he comes up with.

Pre K Scholars Core Curriculum DVD– $39.95

In Pre K Scholars, you meet all of the characters of Scholarville, each one representing a different letter.  I love that each session is short and has several different aspects of looking at the letters.  For each letter, there are sounds and motions (which identifies a motion with each letter), a guessing game, and activities you can print.  This great program will have your child ready for starting school!  ** Please note this DVD is for computer use only, not DVD players. 

One of my US readers will win all three of these prizes! 


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