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I love playing games.  I’m already looking forward to the day when Little Miss will be old enough to play lots of games with us!  We play games now, but currently we have to keep them pretty simple.  When I had the chance to review Morphology, I knew that we may not be able to play it with Little Miss quite yet, but it would still be fun for us, and she’d be able to join in on the fun before too long. 

Morphology, like most great games, is an extremely simple concept.  You divide into teams, use the shapes and pieces to build a word, and hope your teammates guess the word before time is up.  Simple concept, but a lot harder than it looks!  We played a modified version since it was just my husband and I, and just took turns drawing a word and trying to get the other person to guess it.  It was a lot more challenging than either one of us thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun too.  If you’re playing with teams, you work to make your frog move through the lilypads. 

Morphology Game

If you’re playing the actual game, there are even challenges to make things even more difficult.  Try making your word blindfolded, or with your non-dominate hand!  How about trying to make your word with just a string? 

Tools to build with

Morphology is a great game that can be played with lots of people with varying ages.  There are plenty of ways to make the game suit the people playing at the time.  You can buy Morphology at their online store for $29.99.  They even have a Morphology Jr. coming out in June! 

I think almost everyone will enjoy this game!  Thanks to Morphology for letting me review it.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. This looks super fun! I’d never even heard of it before – but you’ve totally sold me on it! I love that it’s so versatile – I’ve got a toddler, a 5 year old, a “way too cool for everything” 8 year old, and 4 adults all living in this house – so it’s hard to find games for game night that everyone can agree on. This looks perfect!
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  2. Seems like a lot of fun! I have always loved playing board games with my daughter, even now that she’s a teen! A great way to bring everyone together for a good time!

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