Tropical Traditions Dishwasher Detergent – A Review and a Giveaway

I remember when I first used an eco-friendly dishwasher detergent.  I’m not sure why, but I was convinced that it wouldn’t work as well as a conventional cleaner.  Boy was I wrong!  This dishwasher detergent has left my dishes even cleaner than conventional cleaners did, and I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals going down my drain!  Additionally I’m not paying for a bunch of fillers. 

Household Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent With Enzymes is free of:

  • Chlorine
  • Phosphates
  • Fillers
  • Fragrances

Ultra concentrated!

Household Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent is non-toxic and environmentally safe with no harmful by-products upon decomposition. Household Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent does NOT contain chlorine, phosphates, fillers or fragrances. Household Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent rinses away completely leaving no residue on your dishes so you get a clean, safe sparkle.

Contains absolutely no phosphates!

When I first received the powder, I was a little concerned because the “ultra-concentrated” detergent actually required more (1 scoop = 2 ounces) than the other eco-friendly cleaner I had been using.  However, after using it once, I started cutting back on the amount I put in and I’ve gotten down to a much smaller amount that still works.  Of course, depending on your machine results may differ.   I suggest starting with the full amount and cutting back little by little if you’d like. 

Although this cleaner is more expensive than traditional cleaners, keep in mind that you are getting five pounds and using less, so it’s going to last a lot longer than a box of traditional detergent!  Additionally, for us it gets the dishes a lot cleaner.  No more washing a dish after it’s been through the dishwasher!  Plus, you aren’t putting harmful chemicals back into the water system.  They have also improved their automatic dishwashing detergent by adding an enzyme package as well as a naturally derived rinse agent and hard water treatment additive.

If you aren’t familiar with Tropical Traditions, I suggest you check out their website!  I’ve been very happy with every product I’ve received from them.  You can find some great recipes here, and you can find out how to use coconut oil here.  Sign up here for their newsletter to find out about all of the current promotions!

BUY IT:  You can buy Tropical Traditions Dishwasher Detergent here.  If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.

WIN IT:  One luck US reader will win their own Tropical Traditions Dishwasher Detergent! 


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Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to
review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under
any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return
for the free product.


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