Like me, Little Miss loves to cook.  She actually inspires me to do more baking than I would on my own, simply because baking is a little easier for her to help with.  When I had the chance to try out the Bakery Bites Express from Nostalgia Electrics I was so excited! 

Make delectable bites of your favorite desserts including: brownies, cookies, bundt cakes, angel food cake, or cupcakes. Interchangeable, nonstick cooking plates make it easy to bake without an oven. Perfect for parties, bake sales, quick desserts and more!

Bakery Bites Express

You see, toddlers absolutely love everything in miniature.  My daughter sometimes won’t eat something, but if I cut it up into small shapes it’s absolutely fine!  The Bakery Bites Express is a small appliance you can sit on your counter when you want to use.  I love that it comes with recipes, but you can also make your own.  We simply used a box mix to try it out.

Little Miss usually gets a chocolate muffin when we go to the bagel shop every Saturday morning.  These muffins cost $4!  We decided to make some of our own so she could take them with her instead.  She was so happy that Dad was there to help! 


Notice the orb (or something on my lens) on Dad’s shoulder?  Our house is over 100 years old!  We started heating the appliance up when we started making the muffins, and it was ready by the time we got everything mixed up, so it only took a few minutes. 


All ready to put the muffins in!  They don’t take long, about 7-10 minutes.  We discovered that it’s actually really hard to burn them, which is a good thing! 


All done!  That is a standard size hot pad underneath – the muffins are about the size of a quarter.  We made some blueberry Bundt cakes later.  They’re a little bit bigger, but still pretty small! 


If you use a box of muffin mix, plan on making a LOT of these,  When we made the chocolate muffins we made them in 2-3 separate rounds, making several batches each time.  When we made the blueberry muffins, we did two pans of the Bundt cakes and then one pan of regular size muffins in the oven (Dad wanted big muffins).  We haven’t tried making the brownies yet, but Little Miss wants to!  Our only complaint was that the light while it’s warming up is green, and then once it warms up the red light comes on.  I guess it’s to let children know that it’s hot, but for us it took a little getting used to.  We were wondering why it wouldn’t heat up and then we realized it had been ready the whole time!


BUY IT:   You can buy the Bakery Bites Express from Amazon.  Be sure to follow Nostalgia Electronics on Facebook and twitter to keep up with all of their current promotions!

WIN IT:  One lucky US winner will get their own Bakery Bites Express!


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  1. Love so many things. My daughter is a big baker and has all kinds of people wanting her to bake for them.but…I do love the cotton candy machine they have,

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  4. Love the review! I just bought this cute appliance too but I haven’t use it yet as I need an AVR/Transformer our plug voltage is 220V and the appliance is 120V. Does it taste good? hehehe I would love to see more of your baked goods using this appliance. 🙂

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