Techy Tuesday–The StormCruiser from The Joy Factory

As you know, we like to bicycle around the neighborhood a lot.  One thing that always bothers me is that I’d love to use this time to talk to my husband, especially if Little Miss isn’t with me, but I can’t because there is no good place to keep my phone. 

Also, when I have my phone with me I often worry about a small shower hitting or dust getting all over my phone.  Well, thanks to the StormCruiser I don’t have to worry anymore!  While it’s billed as a device for taking your phone with you on the bike, I’ll also be using the case part when I go to the beach.  The case is water resistant – so you can’t drop your phone in the pool or ocean, but it will protect your phone from the children doing cannonballs and getting water everywhere.  Or the occasional wave that drives over the paddleboard or kayak. 


When on the bike, you can rotate the phone to a horizontal or vertical positions, and you basically have unlimited angles.  So whether you’re using the phone, GPS, or pandora you’re good to go! 


When it’s off the bike, the case is light and not too bulky.  I haven’t tested it out, but it looks like it would keep random splashes of water out!  It’s really easy to use while in the case too.  I had no issues with swiping or using other functions.  I’ve been very pleased with the StormCruiser!

You can buy the StormCruiser at Amazon – and be sure to connect with the Joy Factory on Facebook – they’re often running great promotions!

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  1. Sooooo very cool – Sounds perfect 🙂

  2. Sounds like an awesome product! We bike and kayak regularly and I’d love to have pandora easily accessible. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Love Joy Factory products. Looks like a great piece.

  4. This looks awesome..It’s hard always trying to find a place for your technology.
    Stopping by from Pitch it to me.

  5. This is a great idea and one of those things tht once you have seen it you wonder why it was not invented before1 Its definitly a case of someone coming up with something when they saw a need for it in their life!
    Chrissie recently posted..Internet TV SoftwareMy Profile

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