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Welcome to one of my sponsors for the Earth Day Event, which will be

April 12-22!


We like to go camping a lot, so when I find storage containers that don’t take up much space I’m always excited! FridgeX from Extrema is a great solution for this! Their products are made with silicone, so they are completely non-toxic, inert, and non reactive. This means not only can you use them for storage, but you can also use them for baking below 430 degrees and freezing.

The containers are stain resistant and non-stick. I haven’t tried baking with them yet, but anything I’ve stored in them has come right out. It’s very light, which is another plus for when you’re camping! Also, they won’t chip, break, rust, or stain. So if you use them to hold items while you’re grilling and your husband forgets and leaves it outside you’ll be okay!

Smallest FridgeX with apples

I love that they can go straight from the freezer to the oven and back again, if needed. This will come in handy I want to make a meal in advance and freeze it now that I’m working full time! Also, the silicone doesn’t retain heat, so the containers cool quickly. This is great when you have toddlers and the possibility of little hands touching the containers.

Once you’re finally done with it, you can recycle it! They have a full one-year warranty, which I think is great.  I’ve really been enjoying using these to carry my lunch in, and I really am looking forward to using them when we travel!  Finally a way to keep my leftovers that doesn’t take up a ton of space!  Be sure to connect with Xtrema on Facebook and twitter to find out about all of their specials!


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6 Responses to FridgeX–Tiny Storage Solutions!

  1. I need to get me some of these! All of our containers take up way too much space, and I have a teeny tiny fridge!

  2. I’ve never baked with silicone either. I’m always afraid I’ll get a defective batch and it will melt in my oven…lol. Do they guarantee clean up service if that happens? 🙂

  3. Michele P. says:

    very cool… and useful as well!

  4. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    I love these! They are perfect for those little snacks or just a bit of leftovers 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  5. So cute! As a biochem major, I can’t believe some of the chemicals that some containers are made out of (and don’t get me started about plastic bottles)! Really enjoying your site and your review is informed and easy to read!

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