So we’re still adjusting to the new schedule, but things are going well with the new job.  Our new boss, who we haven’t seen since we started for more than a minute or two took us out to lunch today.  We went to Jasmine Fusion, which is one of my favorite restaurants on that side of town. 


I do miss not having the time to go see things like this lovely bird during the week, but I’m sure over time I’ll get better at scheduling everything.  We’re still a little bit in chaotic mode now.  At least this week I managed to do laundry!


And here is his friend!  They love hanging out with the fishermen and getting a spare fish every once in a while!  There is also a great view of the new stadium from here – first game is this weekend!  It’s already sold out – we’re hoping to go in about a month once all of the excitement dies down. 


I don’t think there is a better location for a baseball stadium!

Sorry this post is so rambly, I guess I’m feeling a little rambly these days!

Hope you’re having a great week!  And enjoy your Easter Holiday!

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