Yesterday Little Miss turned five! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up. I remember when she was a tiny little baby, and now she insists on doing almost everything by herself. Of course, she still says she’s going to live with Mommy and Daddy forever, so I’m enjoying that for the time being – I’m sure it will change one of these days.

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Little Miss got to have a fabulous birthday party this weekend with an Ariel theme. We got our supplies from Shindigz, and she and her friends had such a great time! I loved to see Chloe playing hostess – she had so much fun handing out tiaras and favor boxes to her friends. They loved the seashell necklaces, stickers, and fish squirters! Little Miss also made sure all of her friends had an Ariel cup to take home.

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The hit of the party, however, was the piñata. After spending about an hour playing in the pool, everyone got out and dried off and it was piñata time! Since we had a LOT of toddlers, we chose to use the ribbon method of opening it up. Everyone grabbed a ribbon and pulled until the bottom burst open, revealing tons of toys inside! There was more than enough inside to make all of the children happy. No one fought over anything – in fact, we had leftover toys!

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The children had a great time making sure my husband got every last item out of it as well.


After that, we enjoyed some cake and ice-cream, opened presents, and then her friends headed on their way. We were sure to send them home with plenty of balloons and party favors – I think everyone had a wonderful time!


Little Miss loved her special Ariel balloon. She is still playing with it!  She also loved the streamers we got to use to decorate with – I don’t think there was a single thing she didn’t like!

I liked being able to get all of my party supplies online from Shindigz. We have a party supply store here, and the prices were very comparable, plus I didn’t have to drive across town! As busy as we’ve been lately, this was a huge plus! Additionally, you didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything with the party package options – no worrying about getting home only to realize you forgot to get ribbon for the balloons or something like that.

The customer service was great – the post office failed to deliver one of the packages, and they were quick to offer to send another shipment. Since it was right before the party and the items weren’t essential we passed, but it was great to experience the quick and friendly customer service. The Shindigz site is very easy to navigate as well. You can search by age, character, and more!  Be sure to check them out on Facebook too!  They’re constantly running contests there!







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