With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve heard a lot about this being the year of the Dad. It seems as though being a great (and involved) Dad is becoming mainstream – which I think is wonderful! It’s definitely a different world than once upon a time when men worked and women stayed at home and took care of the house.

In today’s world, most parents work full time. Sometimes, the Dads get to stay home with the children while the Mom works – I love today’s approach of looking at your particular family situation and figuring out what works best for your family at that time. Even though my husband works out of town and doesn’t deal with much of the day to day stresses, I have to give him props for how much he does when he’s around! It’s so nice to know he appreciates everything I do on a day to day basis – and he often shows it by cooking meals, helping with the laundry, spending quality time with Little Miss, and doing anything else he can to make the weekends go smoothly.

Of course Little Miss adores him, and loves helping him with just about anything – even floor installation!

So here’s to all of those awesome Dads out there who aren’t afraid to help out around the house, the Dads who spend quality time with their children, and the Dads who support their wives. We appreciate you!

4 thoughts on “The year of the Dad

  1. I love the picture. Dads are so important to the kids and it is great to see you have a great husband and dad to your kids. Wonderful for it is so important! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with you that traveling dads work hard and help around the house. My husband goes out of town every other week and our sons are so grateful and excited when he is home.

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