Last Sunday we went to Sweet Season Farms for their corn maze. This was our first year going, but I know we’ll be back! It truly was fun for the whole family, and very reasonably priced. We had never been to a corn maze before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. When we got there, we decided to do the maze first. They had two mazes – an easy one that only takes about 15 minutes, and a harder maze that can take up to 45 minutes. We started out on the easy maze, which Little Miss got through quick as a wink, then we tackled the harder maze.


Our favorite thing about the harder maze was stopping at the clues and picking the answers to determine which way to go next. Most of the questions were fairly easy, so Little Miss was able to answer them. We had looked at an aerial photo of the maze before we went, so Brian told her where we were in the maze while we were doing it – she seemed to like that a lot. We didn’t have any problems getting through the maze, but we ran into plenty of employees while we were going through – I’m guessing their job was to help out anyone who seemed truly lost or frustrated.


Once we got through we were all pretty dusty – that was one thing that I should have been prepared for but I wasn’t. Dirt everywhere! Everything was coated in a fine layer of red dirt – I guess that’s part of being on a farm. After the maze, I took a break in the shaded area and Little Miss headed over to the popcorn popper. It’s a little like a bouncy house without walls, and she loved it! She had gone on it a year ago on a class fieldtrip, so she was pretty excited about doing it again.


Next up was the cow train – some decorated barrels that got pulled around a field with a golf cart. Little Miss loved it, as did all of the other children doing it. One thing I liked about almost everything is that when we were there the lines weren’t bad at all. The longest line we waited in was for the corn cannon, where we got to shoot pieces of corn at fields in a target with an air gun. We let Little Miss do all of the shooting, and she loved it! She almost hit the target several times.


There were a ton of other activities there as well. There were their takes on bowling, golf, putt putt, a nice sized playground, and even a carousel made out of old tires! Among the guys, the game where you throw a ball through a hole (like you see at the fair) seemed to be extremely popular. There was even a small silo full of corn kernels to play in.


The petting zoo was very small, but enjoyable. Little Miss just loved the calves, and they were very friendly.


Before you leave, be sure to get some pumpkins!  They were very reasonably priced!  We gave Little Miss her pick of the patch and she only got a couple of smaller ones – the total was less than $3! 

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  1. This maze sounds like a blast. What more could ask for before Halloween. A pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Alright! We have one here in Spearfish, SD and I love it.

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