Review of #ArianasArt48ColoredPencilSet


One thing that my daughter and I enjoy doing together lately is coloring. I find it relaxing, and of course she loves coloring! Recently I bought a really nice coloring book for us to use together. It sure has been a lot of fun! Around the same time, we got the opportunity to review Ariana’s Art Colored Pencil Set. We have really been enjoying using them. Little Miss loved all of the color choices. Having all of the different shades is great when you’re doing these complex coloring pages.



I like the storage case that protects the pencils. It’s a great quality canvas material, and it even has a pouch to keep your eraser and sharpener in. My daughter thought the sharpener was very easy to use. We both liked the unique pencil shape. It really fits with your hand well and is so easy to hold. I expect them to last a long time, and there is even a replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with them.

Most importantly, they are easy to use and travel on the paper well. There is nothing worse than dealing with pencils that break or rip your paper when you’re using them, but you should not have that problem with these.

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