If you are like me, you like the idea of camping more than you like camping itself. I love the thoughts of roasting marshmallows, enjoying the outdoors with my children, and having picnic dinners, but I don’t like the weather extremes, bugs, and small spaces. If you’re like me, then you may want to try a Yurt!


What is a Yurt? It’s a permanent tent, more or less. We stayed at the Yurt Village in Sweetwater, GA that is part of the Georgia State Parks. Everyone had an amazing time! We have always enjoyed Georgia State Parks, so we are so happy they have added this great feature!

At Sweetwater, there are ten Yurts that are along the lake with a shared bath house and playground about midway. It was really nice having a playground right there! We had sight of the playground from the Yurt, so the children had a little bit of freedom since they could often go to the playground without us. The bath house was always clean, and there was even a family bathroom which is great when you have small children.


The inside of the Yurt was a lot more spacious than I thought it would be – our daughter could do cartwheels inside! She took the top bunk and immediately decided to build a fort up there. You bring your own sheets and blankets, so she had everything she needed for it! While the top bunk mattress was nice, the bottom bunk just had a futon mattress which was pretty thin and not very comfortable. Next time we are going to bring an air mattress to throw on top of it.


The table and stools that came in the Yurt were so nice I wish we could have brought them home with us! It was nice having plenty of space to store all of our belongings. Also, the door locked for added security. There was a heater and a fan in the Yurt, and we used both to keep the air comfortable. There is also a cool vent in the top of the yurt to let hot air escape.


We really enjoyed our Yurt experience!

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