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Top 5 Green Household Activities Frugal Mums Teach their Kids

Low Energy Vacuuming

Vacuuming increase your carpet’s lifespan and reduce allergens in your home.

However, it sucks up energy, explaining the need for efficiency to reduce energy and related costs.Use a carpet sweeper to remove debris and large dirt particles from your carpeting. The sweepers are energy efficient because they’re manual and thus don’t use up electricity.

Use the sweepers for cleaning small stains such as crumbs, dirt on the surface, and pet hair on bare floors. They’re also handy for cleaning low-pile carpeting.

However, you’ll need a vacuum to suck up dander, dirt, allergens and dust trapped inside your high-pile carpeting fibers.

Empty the dust collector to improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it’ll work harder to suck up dirt, resulting in high energy consumption.

Buy an energy-saving vacuum model or upgrade yours to one. Although you’ll want to get your hands on a powerful vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s energy-efficient. Powerful motors run on high energy.

A true HEPA filter vacuum cleaner ensures that little to no allergens end up in the air while cleaning. What’s more, invest in a high quality and durable vacuum you’ll use for years to save the cost of frequent repairs or replacing a faulty model.

Recycle your old vacuum or donate it once you get a new one. Finally, let your children know and understand your choice for vacuum cleaners and why you use them the way you do.

Plant a kitchen herb garden

A simple backyard or kitchen garden lets you grow your own good to ensure you eat healthy.

Teach your kids where food comes from and let them grow their own veggies or herbs. Even if your kids don’t like gardening, they’ll appreciate where food originates and understand the essence of eating healthy.

They’ll know what real food entails and appreciate every food you serve on their plates.

If you’re a beginner gardener, you can learn together with your kids as you show them how to start a kitchen garden and prepare tasty meals from its yield.

What’s more, you can garden in an apartment or detached house, despite the size of your lot.

Start a herb garden in your kitchen to engage your entire family in various household activities in the kitchen. Garden with your kids using fool-proof techniques to grow herbs that’ll nourish and add flavor to your meals.

What’s more, herbs require sunlight, some soil, and watering to thrive. Start your garden from seeds for a valuable experience. Your kids will learn visually and see where food actually comes from.

Alternatively, start your garden from bought seedlings or ones prepared in your nursery.

You can also garden in containers or beds with your kids.

Save on water usage

Just like energy consumption, water is also sustainable. Adopt holistic approaches to save water in green ways.

Get serious and fix all water leakage issues in your home, including kitchen and bathrooms. Save water when using running taps.

For instance, when shaving, washing or brushing your teeth, turn off running taps to save water. Don’t let your taps run when not using the water, even if at short intervals.

You can also install shower heads with low water flow rates.

Let your kids understand the essence of saving water and what they can do in the home to reduce water wastage. The shower heads can help you save up to 160,000 liters of water if you have a family of four.

Use eco-friendly technology and cook with renewables

Engage your kids and the rest of the family in conserving energy.

Turn off lights not being used to reduce carbon footprint in your household. Switch off all appliances and electrical gadgets not in use to save energy and cut power bills.

Don’t leave any device on power standby.

When buying appliances, opt for energy-efficient gadgets for a green home. Energy efficient devices saves energy and money when in use.

Consider using renewables in your home.

Adopt a solar cooking system in your household. For instance, a solar grill can make barbecuing in your backyard even more fun for the entire family. It could also be a learning process for the young ones.
They’ll grow up into frugal adults.