Romantic Restaurants Across the United States #DINNER4VALENTINES

  Want to find a great place to take your Valentine this holiday? Look no further! Members of Social Fabric have found places all across the United States that are romantic and perfect for a lovely date night! Just find your local area below and see what fabulous places it has to offer. You can […]

Five Romantic Restaurants to Eat at in Pensacola #‎Dinner4Valentines‬

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means a lot of people will be looking for a little romance – heading out to eat at a nice restaurant is a great way to enjoy a romantic evening!  Last week, Collective Bias asked bloggers to write about the most romantic places to eat in their […]

Explore the World in 3D #CypherKidsClub

Little Miss was pretty excited to try out the Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards with me. First we headed to Target to pick them up. Of course we had to stop by the Halloween section first. We laughed to some pumpkins that sing Thriller and checked out all of the great decorations. You can view […]

Snoopy’s Christmas Surprise – #CBIAS #ILOVEMYK9

In my earlier post, we talked about our shopping adventure getting Snoopy some great gifts for Christmas.  We were going to wait until Christmas, but we were just so excited (and since Snoopy can’t read a calendar), we decided to give her the gifts a little early!  Of course, I think she was pretty excited […]

Go Green and Giggle – #GoGreenNGiggle #CBias

Are you looking for a fun way to talk to your children about going green?  We’ve been teaching Little Miss about green principles since the day she was born.  Not just in words, but through our actions – our children are always watching us and trying to do the same things we do!  I always […]

Puppy Prep Kit for the Holidays – #CBias #ILoveMyk9

I was so excited to get the chance to create a puppy prep kit for Snoopy for Christmas!  Snoopy has been a wonderful addition to our family, and she definitely deserves to be spoiled a bit this Christmas!  Do you know anyone who recently got a puppy or who is getting a puppy for Christmas?  […]

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