Sand Clay Keepsakes

My daughter has a birthday coming up! I can’t believe she’ll be eight soon. This year, we’re having an Art Party for her. While I was researching different activities to have during her party, I came across these cool sand clay pieces. Since we live at the beach, I thought they would be great!  I […]


We’ve been having a great time camping this week.  I’ll highlight some of the things we did later, but for now here’s a pic of Little Miss and her Daddy!

Leapfrog Summer Camp!

Can you believe summer is already here?  I know for us, the year has just flown by!  If you’re looking for ways to entertain your younger children and keep learning fun all summer long, then you’ll definitely be excited to hear about Leapfrog Summer Camp!  Running June 4-July 28, this FREE online program has weekly […]

Easy Ways to Go Green

I think we all want to be green and do the best we can to help the environment, but sometimes it can get overwhelming!  Here is a list of things that can help you go green and save some green to.  Best thing?  They’re all easy and inexpensive! Green Your Cleaning Environmentally friendly cleaners can […]

Spring Cleaning – Naturally

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  Whether you go all out for spring cleaning or not, these easy recipes for DIY cleaners will help you save money AND reduce your exposure to harmful cleaners.  These are all basic recipes that you should be able to make from ingredients you have on hand!  You can buy […]

Natural Stain Removers – DIY Green Cleaning Recipes

Anyone who has a toddler has to deal with stains on a regular basis.  From what I hear, it rarely gets much better as they get older!  If you’re looking for some natural methods to control stains, here are some for you to try!  BAKING SODA If I could only have two cleaners in my […]

Frugal Tip–Save Money this Year with SavingStar

I love it when I can find a new way to save money – especially when it’s really easy!  Of course we all know about the couponing craze, but if you’re like me it can seem like a huge amount of work!  All of the clipping, printing, and filing of coupons can take a lot […]

Feed it Forward this Christmas!

It’s the season of giving!  It’s so much fun to share Holiday cheer with everyone you know during the Christmas season.  However, it can add up. is making it easy to share the love this year with the Feed it Forward program. has once again set aside a pool of $40 million worth […]

Want to Save Money, Lose Weight, and Lower Your Carbon Footprint?

Try biking!  If you aren’t biking already, it’s time to pull your bike out of the garage and dust it off.  We’ve always assumed that biking is better for the planet than driving a car, but know one has ever quantified it – until now.  A recent study determined that if Midwesterners started using bikes […]

Tips for a Green Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner – these tips will help you stay green while you celebrate! Costumes.  Of course one of the easiest ways to stay green is by not buying a costume off the rack!  There are a lot of great options here. Buy used.  Use Craigslist, the thrift stores, or garage sales […]

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