Florida blooms

Here in Florida, things are definitely heating up! Fortunately it cooled of a little for the Fourth! I’m always amazed with the beautiful flowers that manage to grow in spite of the heat. Here is a hibiscus with a grasshopper friend hanging out. Our Oleander is full of blooms as well! This year, my husband […]

What’s Blooming Today

I’m so excited to have tomorrow off!  I’m really looking forward to spending the day with Little Miss, and I hope we get some things accomplished as well.  We’re hosting the veggie potluck on Saturday night, so we’ll be busy getting the house ready for that so we can Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday!    […]

What’s Blooming Here!

Spring has finally sprung here!  Here are some of the things that are blooming right now… The Clematis is absolutely gorgeous… It’s really done well this Spring!    The pansy’s are still hanging around too. I imagine they’ll be gone before too long.    I’ve been enjoying one little lonely daffodil as well.  What’s blooming […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday!

We’re going through a cold snap this week, but I see signs that Spring is just around the corner!  My amaryllis had it’s first bloom yesterday – there are more than fifty plants at our house, the previous owner says they all came from just a couple of plants.    Our bottle brush is blooming […]

Wordless Wednesday–FLowers

Little Miss and I occasionally like to get bouquets at the grocery store.  They’re nice to spruce up the kitchen!  Of course, we had to add a hydrangea that was blooming in the back yard.

What’s Blooming Wednesday

Good morning!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  Summer is settling in her, but it’s still nice and cool in the mornings and evenings – my favorite time of year!  My double day lilies started blooming – apparently they thrive on neglect, because they’ve been neglected lately!  I need to spend some time in […]

It’s Friday!

My last Friday before I go back to work full time, and it’s gloomy and threatening to rain!  At least there are some pretty flowers outside…. and I have finally gotten everything done (excluding blog stuff!).  Yesterday I had to get a physical AND get my teeth cleaned, so today will have some relaxing involved!  […]

Wordless Wednesday

Things in my life right now… Snoop Dog hanging out on Little Miss’ Tinkerbell chair.  Luckily for her she didn’t get caught! The first daffodils of the season – way earlier than usual.  And thanks to this odd weather, a beautiful rose!  This climbing vine smells as good as it looks. 

WW–Watching Our Garden Grow

With the weather being unseasonably warm so far, this weekend Little Miss and I really wanted to get out and do some planting in the garden.  Her sunflowers needed transplanting anyway, and when we went to buy some dirt Little Miss picked out a pansy. The sunflowers were really easy to transplant – we put […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday!

Despite the heat, a few things have survived this summer…. We call these spider lilies, I’m not sure what their “real” name is.   I always thought it was humurous that they are called spider lilies,  considering they don’t have eight “legs”! This is my beautiful pepper plant! I think it’s a Vietnamese pepper plant, […]

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