SantaMedical Professional Otoscope Review #otoscope

My little man has a habit of tugging on his ears when he is sick. Of course, this makes me often think he has an ear infection when in fact he does not. So of course I was pretty excited to try out an Otoscope so I would be able to give his ears a […]

Time for Spring Cleaning! #Giveaway #Momsmeet #MurchisonHume

I admit it. I DO NOT enjoy cleaning. I know some people actually enjoy cleaning their house, but that person isn’t me.  I work long hours, and don’t have a lot of time when I finally do get home.  So we do our best to clean as we go and then we are fortunate enough […]

Black Bean Posole with #Brieftons

I’ve been debating getting on the spiralizing bandwagon for a while now. So this week we finally became spiralizers! Is that even a word? It should be, because this device really does make veggies fun! I had so much fun playing with it that I decided to spiralize the vegetables for this yummy black bean […]

Spinach Enchiladas

I absolutely loved this recipe that I made for my lunches this past week!  It’s healthy, full of veggies, and so delicious! Feel free to adjust the chipoltes to your personal taste preference.  Print Yum Spinach Enchiladas Yield: 4 servings You won’t miss the meat in this yummy recipe! Ingredients14-oz can crushed tomatoes 1 onion, […]

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Bubble Machines #Giveaway #1byOne

My children absolutely LOVE bubbles.  One of our favorite things to do on hot summer days is to set up a bubble machine on the second floor, and let it blow bubbles out into the yard for them to play with.   Everyone has such fun with it!  Our last one recently broke, so I’m super-excited […]

Starting the New Year Off Right – Hydrate!! #GetSIC #Vinylstickz

I’m not much of one for resolutions, but I do like using the start of a new year as a time to regroup and reevaluate. I hate to admit it, but this past December was a bit of a backslide month for me. I didn’t exercise, eat, or stay hydrated like I should have. This […]

The Truth About Styrofoam #WheelsforWishes

Fortunately, you don’t see as many places using Styrofoam these days as you used to.  However, there are some places that still do.  Here are some reasons why it’s so important to avoid using Styrofoam – bring your own to go containers if you need to!!    by Wheels For Wishes

Healthier Spinach Dip

It’s a new year, and a time when most of us are trying to get back on the good eating bandwagon after Holiday indulgences.  I’ve been wanting spinach dip for a while, but the ones you buy at the deli are full of fat, so I wanted to come up with one I could make […]

Keep Holiday Memories Safe with Adoramapix!

Now that the Holidays are coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with all of those great phots you got.  One thing you should never do is keep them on your computer and never print them out and enjoy them!  We did that, and ended up losing our hard […]

Gifts for the Readers in the Family #Review #USFamilyGuide

My daughter loves to read, and we do everything we can to encourage her reading habit. One thing that works really well is giving her a magazine subscription. She loves it when she gets something in the mail! She really liked the assortment of magazines sent by Redan for review.  I like how at the […]

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