Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Gut #MomsMeet @restore4life #Sponsored

Now more than ever, we are learning the importance that the health of our gut has on out entire well-being.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions.  Compensation for this post was provided, and this apge may contain affiliate links. 

Taking care of our gut can make us healthier and more comfortable in our life path. In an earlier article we touched on gut flora and the importance of probiotics. As someone who has a compromised immune system, I always take a probiotic to help my immune system perform the best it can!  Did you know that a healthy human gut should contain about 20,000 species of bacteria???


Recently Moms Meet sent me Restore products, and I just discovered that taking care of your intestinal barrier is important as well! A leaky gut doesn’t always have symptoms, and can lead to all kinds of health problems. To help your gut perform it’s best, there are several things you can do.

  • Remove food toxins from your diet. The main culprits would be gluten and sugar – two things I love! I have been working on cutting them back though!
  • Eat plenty of fermentable fibers such as sweet potatoes
  • Eat fermented foods, take a probiotic
  • Take Restore to help heal the lining of your gut
  • Take steps to manage your stress. (Restore has been shown to enhance mental clarity, mood, and even happiness) 

If you’re like me and have had toxins that may have degraded the gut barrier (from eating gluten and sugar), Restore has been shown to promote the strengthening of gut barrier, giving it a chance to heal.  It’s really easy to take – it’s a liquid and has no flavor!  They suggest taking one teaspoon three times a day.  I think it’s great that it does not require refrigeration!

They also have a sinus spray that is great for when you are travelling, and a gate check bottle so you can bring the liquid on the plane with you!

For a lot of people, using Restore will give them the chance to enjoy life to the fullest again! I know some people who can’t go anywhere unless there is a restroom nearby, and I plan on telling them about this product so they can give it a try.

WIN a FREE year’s supply of RESTORE!! See RESTORE Outside Summer Photo Contest rules for more details.        

Also, you can get 20% off everything at  by using code B7X66JY.  Code expires July 16, 2017  


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Olive Oil and Whipped Feta Dip #MomsMeet #FlavorYourLife

Olive oil – if you’re like me you use it every day, but how much do you know about it? We use different oils in our house for different things. Some are better for cooking, and some are better for dipping. This handy list will help you figure out which oil to grab when!

“I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

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There are three things that influence the taste of your olive oil the most. First, there is the type of olive tree, or cultivar. Over thousands of years, European farmers have evolved and optimized hundreds of trees for different conditions. They do this to produce the most delicious yields for their climate and terrain. The region also impacts the taste, as well as the time of harvest. Olives that are harvested early in the season are under-ripe and produce an oil that is greener, more bitter, and pungent. Olives that are harvested late in the season tend to taste mild and buttery.

Spanish Olive Oil: Most are golden yellow with a fruity, nutty flavor. Try it with fish and vegetable dishes – the mild flavor doesn’t tend to overwhelm the dish.

Italian Olive Oil: The most well-known olive oil, they are usually dark green with a grassy flavor and herbal aroma. They make great oils for salad dressings and bread dipping.

Greek Olive Oil: This is a greener olive oil with a strong flavor and aroma.

French Olive Oil: Typically pale and mild, it is great for sautéing and adding to salads, sauces, dips, and marinades.

Olive oil has a high smoke point, which makes is suitable even for frying! You can also bake with olive oil – something I do often. When you aren’t using your olive oil, store it somewhere dark and cool to maximize its life. You can learn more about European Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Flavor Your Life.


I was sent Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy to try. It was a great addition to this whipped feta dip posted below! I love that there is a QR code on each bottle that allows you to learn more about their oil and where it comes from!

Whipped Feta Dip


  • 1/2 cup feta
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup Italian EVOO
  • 1/4 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon Mediterranean seasoning


  1. Place all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste if desired.
  3. Serve with grilled or roasted veggies.
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Missing Her

This week, my daughter is off at camp. It’s her first sleepaway camp, and I’m not sure who will have a harder time this week – me or her! I was up pretty much the whole night before she left, and I’ve been thinking about her constantly today!


I hope she is having a wonderful time, and I hope she is so busy she doesn’t have time to get homesick! They have a strict no phone calls unless it’s an emergency policy, so I won’t get to talk to her all week. While I don’t think that will bother her too much, I’m so used to talking to her every day. I’m really going to miss that!

I can’t wait until she gets back so she can tell me about all of the amazing experiences she has had!

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Home Chef Promo COde @USFG #HomeChef

I am so excited I get to try another meal delivery service soon!  This one is Home Chef.  Here is a little info on them. 

Home Chef delivers perfectly portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes directly to your door, so whether you’re an amateur cook, or more seasoned in the kitchen, cooking with Home Chef is easy and enjoyable.

Each week, you can use the personalized recipe recommendations they provide you. Or, you can pick from 11 fresh, chef-designed dinners, priced at $9.95 per serving. They change their menu weekly to give you countless new dinner options.

In about 30 minutes, using Home Chef’s simple, step-by-step recipe cards, you’ll confidently prepare meals from scratch that impress everyone at your table…including yourself! Use the promo code "FAMILY" to try out Home Chef for $30 off!

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Kinzd Wallets – Review

 My husband was in need of a new wallet, so when Kinzd asked if I would be willing to try a few of theirs out, I was more than happy to assist! They specialize in minimalist wallets, which is great when you’re keeping it in your back pocket.


He was super excited to try them out, and he liked all of the styles they sent us! He decided to start using the Slim Wallet for Men Minimalist as his everyday wallet. With 6 card slots, and ID window, and a money pocket, there is plenty of room for all of his necessities without the temptation to start storing a lot of stuff and ending up with a fat wallet. Also, it can fit in your front or back pocket easily. It’s made out of napa leather, so I’m hoping it will last a long time. As an added bonus, it has RFID blocking!


He liked the Men’s Magnetic Money Clip Wallet a lot, but he was worried that the magnets would erase his credit cards over time, so he decided not to use it. He did put his credit cards in there for a little while before he thought about that, and they did not get erased, but he did not want to chance it in the long run. It is also napa leather with RFID blocking.

2017-05-15_17-56-09_704  2017-05-15_17-56-38_286

My husband also liked the rubber band wallet – minimalist wallet. It’s perfect for taking to the beach or running because it’s very small and holds just enough. Perfect for storing your ID, a credit card, and some change! It also has a key chain so you can attach a key or attach the wallet to a cooler, beach bag, or something else.

These wallets are great options for people looking for something that is stylish but still affordable!  Use code KINOFF20 to get 20% off!  

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Daily Goodie Box #gotitfree

I got another box from Daily Goodie Box, so I wanted to share with you all of the great stuff that was in it!  Daily Goodie Box sends out monthly boxes completely free – all you have to do is go back and leave reviews for the items you received!  You can sign up on their site, but also be sure to like them on Facebook – commenting on their posts is one of the best ways to get one of these awesome boxes! 

Here is a list of all of the items – I’m looking forward to trying them!

Goviter – Viter Energy Mints

Tiger Balm –  Pain Relieving Patch

Prince of Peace – 100% Natural Ginger Candy

Volo Vitamins – Energy Stickpacks

Natralia – Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo

Georgia Grinders – Creamy Peanut Butter

ONA Treats – Cookies and Bars

Andalou Naturals – Hyaluronic DMAE Lift & Firm Cream Pods

Swago – Cologne Wipes For Men

Kicking Horse Coffee – Kick Ass Ground Coffee

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What do Probiotics do? #Momsmeet #NOWFoods #Giveaway

Growing up, my Mom was always a huge fan of probiotics. Even today, if I happen to mention that I’m not feeling well she will ask me if I’ve had any yogurt lately! What are probiotics? The USDA defines a probiotic as “any viable microbial dietary supplement that beneficially affects the host.” Thanks to Moms Meet, I got to try NOW Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion.


“I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


So why is it called 20 billion? That’s the number of CFUs, or colony forming units in each capsule. This provides the density of viable bacteria you are receiving – that’s a lot! Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion has been specially formulated to provide strains that will specifically support women’s health. How do probiotics help us? Below are some of the ways I found, and I noticed that many of these link together to help the body overall. Please note that the below statements have not been evaluated by the FDA!

Digestive Health

We all have trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria and yeast, living in and on our body at any given time. More than 1,000 different types of bacteria live in our digestive tracts, helping with digestion and utilization of nutrients. Unfortunately, things like antibiotics can kill these good bacteria and upset the balance in our gut. I know my doctor always advises to take probiotics if I have to take an antibiotic!

Gas and Bloating

No one wants to go around feeling bloated. HN019 also supports GI regularity and reduces occasional gas and bloating. I always take probiotics when I’m travelling and maybe not eating like I normally would to reduce the chances of getting an upset stomach or just general yuckiness from feeling all bloated.

Women’s Health

This product features L. rhamnosus HN001 and L. acidophilus La-14 which have been shown to colonize the vaginal tract and help to maintain healthy vaginal pH when taken orally.* A good probiotic formula can replenish the good microflora, making it more difficult for undesirable microorganisms to gain a foothold.


Several strains also support healthy, balanced immune system function in women of all ages.* They may also play a role in elevating mood, which can also boost the immune system. With all of the new strains off bugs out there, I do my best to keep my immune system strong.


It’s still unclear how probiotics play a role in weight loss — and there is some controversy about how significant the probiotics-associated weight loss is. But as long as the probiotics source is low-calorie and healthful, itself, it is an innocuous method to attempt.

Probiotics may reduce fatigue after exercise. That, in addition to possible mood boosting properties and the ability to help aid digestion, you can see how a good probiotic can support your weight loss efforts.



I will continue to take probiotics, and I’m a fan of the Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion!

Want to try it out yourself? Moms Meet is allowing me to give away one bottle! See below on how to win. Contest ends May 26th.


Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion is available to purchase at natural healthfood stores nationwide, and at,, and To find Women’s Probiotic 20 Billion in your area, visit: for the full list of locations.

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PACT – Comfy Clothes With a Conscience #Momsmeet #Coupon #Review

In an ideal world, my clothes are comfortable and look good.  That’s what we all want, right?  Unfortunately, a lot of the time you have to choose one or the other.  PACT is working to change that, and thanks to Moms Meet, I was able to try some of their comfy clothes!

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I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

I actually already owned some PACT clothes, and I love them, so I was so excited to give these a try!  I haven’t gotten any new clothes for myself in a very long time, so this was a great treat.  My favorite item was the light weight hoodie.  It’s perfect for around here when the temperature drops a little at night and the wind picks up.  I found myself wanting to wear it constantly just because it was so comfortable! 


It fits me perfectly, and I love that there are thumb holes in the sleeves so you can pull the sleeves down and keep your hand warm too!  PACT clothes are so soft you will be reaching for them constantly – I know I am!  They also look great when you are wearing them!  Their leggings are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, and as my husband noticed – all of their clothes seem to just be made well. 

He’s planning on getting more of their boxer briefs he liked them so much!  They cost more than the brand he normally gets, but they are so much better for the environment and we think they will last a long time.  Did you know that organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton?  That’s huge!! 

I found out they now carry PACT at Target – I also have a code that allows you to save 25% off your entire online order!  Just use GreenMom25 anytime before 8/31/17.  


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GA State Parks – Yurt Camping

If you are like me, you like the idea of camping more than you like camping itself. I love the thoughts of roasting marshmallows, enjoying the outdoors with my children, and having picnic dinners, but I don’t like the weather extremes, bugs, and small spaces. If you’re like me, then you may want to try a Yurt!


What is a Yurt? It’s a permanent tent, more or less. We stayed at the Yurt Village in Sweetwater, GA that is part of the Georgia State Parks. Everyone had an amazing time! We have always enjoyed Georgia State Parks, so we are so happy they have added this great feature!

At Sweetwater, there are ten Yurts that are along the lake with a shared bath house and playground about midway. It was really nice having a playground right there! We had sight of the playground from the Yurt, so the children had a little bit of freedom since they could often go to the playground without us. The bath house was always clean, and there was even a family bathroom which is great when you have small children.


The inside of the Yurt was a lot more spacious than I thought it would be – our daughter could do cartwheels inside! She took the top bunk and immediately decided to build a fort up there. You bring your own sheets and blankets, so she had everything she needed for it! While the top bunk mattress was nice, the bottom bunk just had a futon mattress which was pretty thin and not very comfortable. Next time we are going to bring an air mattress to throw on top of it.


The table and stools that came in the Yurt were so nice I wish we could have brought them home with us! It was nice having plenty of space to store all of our belongings. Also, the door locked for added security. There was a heater and a fan in the Yurt, and we used both to keep the air comfortable. There is also a cool vent in the top of the yurt to let hot air escape.


We really enjoyed our Yurt experience!

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Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta

Another place we visited on our trip to Atlanta was the Legoland Discovery Center. We thought it would be a great place to go when we got there for the children to blow off some steam after our long car ride.

The Legoland Discovery Center is located in a Mall. That worked out really well for us, since our daughter forgot to pack leggings and she was very cold. We found a great sale at Belk and got her a couple of pair for the trip!


After that, we headed to the Discovery Center. We weren’t at all sure what to expect – the website talked about rides and activities, but it was located in a mall so we wondered how big it could actually be. When we got there, we saw that there was a fairly long line to get in. This was because there was only one person working at the front entrance, which caused some issues. Pass holders couldn’t walk directly in, and while the lady working the front desk was friendly and efficient, there were just too many people for her to keep up with. It would have been nice to have an additional person to handle people with annual passes and birthday party visitors.


Our son started getting pretty antsy once he saw the lego figures just inside the gateway, but we managed to keep him calm until we made it to the front. Once we got in, we were immediately able to see a few giant lego figures. We walked through an area that told about how legos were made, but unfortunately a lot of the exhibits in this area were broken, so our children didn’t stick around this area very long.


Next there was a little shooting game ride. We sat in a cart and shot at the bad guys as the cart took us through.  We then headed to Miniland, which was a pretty impressive recreation of the Atlanta area entirely made out of legos.  It was a great way to see all of the major attractions!  Space Mission had several space themed lego creations and lots of legos to build your own space creations with. 


After that we were in a huge play area that had different sections in it. Toward the front was a ride we did not go on (the line was very long). We headed to some of the Earthquake Platforms that had huge tubs of legos and platforms. You could build your creation, then shake the platform to see how it stood up.


My daughter really enjoyed the Pirate Adventure Island towards the back, but it was too big for our son. It made me nervous because it was hard to keep an eye on your child there. We also spent some time building cars and letting them go down a large ramp.  Before leaving, we stopped by Duplo Village, which is great for younger children.  They have some huge blocks to build with, and a little slide. 

While the daily rates are a little steep, the annual passes are pretty reasonable.  If you live in Atlanta you may want to check it out! 

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