Ozeri’s CURVA Glasses – Review


It’s party season!  Almost as important as the food and drinks you are serving is the presentation.  Ozeri sent me some lovely glasses to review that are perfect for the Holidays or any time!  I love having pretty glasses to drink out of – both at a party and for day to day use.  I […]

Getting Ready for Christmas!


Man, I didn’t know how hard it would be to get ready for Christmas and a baby at the same time!  We’re hoping he’ll make it until January to arrive, but you never know what will happen!  In the meantime, Little Miss had her Christmas concert last weekend.  They all did such a great job! […]

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!  I love Thanksgiving, mainly because it’s main focus is about spending time with the people you love, and taking the time to be thankful for the many gifts you have been given.  I know my family has so much to be thankful for!  Even though these past few months have been exhausting for […]

Review – Monk Fruit In The Raw® #momsmeet


Christmas is coming, and around here that means lots of sweets! If you’re looking for a way to enjoy sweets without the guilt of sugar, you may want to give Monk Fruit in the Raw a try. I received this product for free from the sponsor of the MomsMeetSM program, MayMediaGroup LLC, who received it […]

Buttons Cloth Diapers Review + Giveaway #Buttons_Diapers


As you know, we’re expecting a new addition to our family in January! With Little Miss, we used a combination of cloth and disposable diapers, and it worked out so well we plan on doing the same thing again with swordfish (that’s what we’re calling him for now)!  Not only is cloth diapering good for […]

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese #Thanksgiving #Yummy #Vegetarian


One thing that I’ve been eating a lot of lately is pumpkin.  I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or the Fall weather, but I can’t get enough of the flavors like pumpkin or butternut squash!  This pumpkin mac and cheese recipe that I made surprisingly doesn’t have a strong pumpkin flavor, it’s just super […]

My Chiquita Cooking Lab Entry #MMlovesChiquita #ChiquitaCookingLab


At our house, we love watching shows like Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped on the Food Network. The Chiquita Cooking Lab is a series of eight weekly recipe contests that is similar to these shows. Every week, three featured ingredients will be revealed and participants are tasked with creating a unique recipe that incorporates these three […]

Dave’s Killer Bread #Review #momsmeet


I have to say, even though a lot of people have jumped on the low or no carb bandwagon, I love my carbs. However, I try to keep mine on the healthy side, opting for options that use whole grains when possible. When I’m eating bread, I just love it when they have seeds in […]

Adovia Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Cream #Review #antiwrinkle


I’m not big on using a ton of beauty products, but I do like finding a few things that help my skin without adding chemicals to my face. Adovia makes great products with good ingredients, so I was happy to try their Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Cream! The first thing that I noticed was that […]

Frontier Soups–Easy, Delicious, and Healthy Meals! @FrontierSoups #MomsMeet


As a Mom who works full time and has a spouse who’s away from home a lot of the time, I’m always on the lookout for food that is easy to prepare and tastes good too.  Additionally, I’d prefer that they aren’t full of salt or other unhealthy ingredients!  Unfortunately, many times convenience means adding […]

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