Healthy Snacking with Nogii! #nogiitablesetters #NoGiiLife


These days, making sure I’m getting enough protein is pretty high on my priority list. As a breastfeeding vegetarian Mom, it’s really something that I need to think about. So of course when I had the chance to try some protein bars I took the plunge! I received this product for free from the sponsor […]

Microfiber Duster #purecarehome


  Living in the South, we have a lot of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great for moving air and allowing us to keep out thermostat raised a little to save on electricity, but cleaning them is never a fun job. Especially in our central room, that has 12 foot ceilings. We were so excited […]

Review of #ArianasArt48ColoredPencilSet


One thing that my daughter and I enjoy doing together lately is coloring. I find it relaxing, and of course she loves coloring! Recently I bought a really nice coloring book for us to use together. It sure has been a lot of fun! Around the same time, we got the opportunity to review Ariana’s […]

Coosh Rapid MFI Certified Car Charger Review #Coosh


These days, you can’t go far without needing some type of mobile device. I know that even though we don’t try to stay online all of the time, we have to make sure we bring ours with us because even the school uses texting to send important messages! When I’m at the house, I’ve been […]

It’s Summer – Don’t get Burned!


Here in Florida, summer has officially arrived.  While the mornings are still cool, things are quickly heating up.  It’s a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors!  While you should definitely have some fun in the sun, you want to also do what you can to protect your skin – these tips will help!  […]

Baby More Baby Wrap Review #babymorecobabywrap


While I used a baby carrier a lot when Little Miss was little, with Little Man it’s been different – he radiates so much heat that the carrier I had with her wasn’t comfortable for either one of us.  Fortunately, I was given the chance to review the Baby More Baby Wrap Carrier, and it […]

Pet Grooming with FurBuddy #Review #FurbuddyDesheddingTool


Now that summer is here, our pets have been shedding a lot more.  I was excited to review the FurBuddy Deshedding Tool, since I had never used one before.  I was eager to try it once it got here!  <br />   All I can say is wow!  I can’t believe how well the FurBuddy […]

Get Wild with Wild Blueberries! #momsmeet #wildblueberryside


Growing up, one of my fondest memories was going out and picking wild blackberries and bringing them back so my grandmother could make us delicious treats!  My cousin and I would spend hours and suffer cuts from thorns getting as many berries as we could.  I received this product for free from the sponsor of […]

Back to Work After Baby #BeliBea


One of the hardest things to do after going back to work is continuing to breastfeed.  However, it’s something that was really important for me to continue doing.  While I know it’s not for everyone, for us it’s the right decision.  I love being able to provide nourishment for my son!  Since going back to […]

Spring is in the air!


We are enjoying some great weather this week.  After a week full of clouds and rain, it was so nice to see the sunshine!  The bees have especially been going crazy in our sweet olive bush.   A hummingbird almost ran into me while I was busy taking photos!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture […]

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