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Whys and Why Not

Pros and Cons

Being a Green Mom

Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues, including causal factors and how to prevent them. They choose green options and eco-friendly companies because every small decision can go a long way in protecting the environment.

And, moms can also join in the fight in various ways. The Frugally Green mom is vegetarian, helping reduce the demand for meat products. This reduces impact on the planet.

She also adopts practices, options and choices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy usage, minimize soil erosion, and prevent pollution. A Green Mom also teaches her kids how to become environment-friendly from a young age.

The pros of a Green Mom include the following:

Generation of less waste

Energy and time saving

Recycling protects trees

Makes a healthier home and cost-savings of medical expenses

Lower costs due to reduced use of paper

Tax credits for green transportation such as electric vehicles

Good reputation in the eyes of others

Sustainable households

Increased demand for green and safer products

The cons of a Green Mom include:


High initial costs

High cost of green products

There’s a risk “green-washing”

Takes time and effort to find green service providers

Going completely green takes dedication

The pros of a Green Mom outweigh the cons by far.