Frozen Fever Costume for Halloween! #Review

Do you love Halloween? I’ve never been a huge costume wearer, but my daughter absolutely LOVES getting dressed up for Halloween. For her, that’s the best thing about the Holiday! She will be getting dressed up this year not just for Halloween, but for the school Fall Festival as well – always so much fun! […]

WW–Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!  If you have an excess of candy now, please go here to find a great way to get rid of it and support our troops!  Little Miss had a great time Trick or Treating at the Downtown businesses on Friday afternoon.  We even got to hand […]

How to Cut Sugar Out of Halloween

We all know that high fructose corn syrup is bad for us, and in the wake of the current Hershey’s debacle where overseas students who paid to come to the United States to learn about how businesses worked ended up doing cheap factory labor, it seems more important to cut out those candy bars!  But […]

Tips for a Green Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner – these tips will help you stay green while you celebrate! Costumes.  Of course one of the easiest ways to stay green is by not buying a costume off the rack!  There are a lot of great options here. Buy used.  Use Craigslist, the thrift stores, or garage sales […]

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