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6 Things You Should Know Before Buying Welding Helmets

Even with the considerations of personal taste and purpose, selecting the ideal welding helmet for your specific needs could still prove a challenging task. With the presence of many brands and information sources endorsing different welding helmets, choosing what works for you may be a tough decision.

In this piece, I’ve taken the time to list five major factors you should consider before buying your new welding helmet. Read on.

Selecting a Welding Helmet

Consider the following factors before buying your welding helmet:

1.   A Wide Viewing Area: High-Class Optics

When it comes to welding, your sight is paramount. The clearer you can see, the better your welding. This benefit justifies why you should look out for helmets with a wide viewing area and high-class optics that’d amplify your vision as you weld. With this improvement, the edges and contours become clearer to see during your welding and set-up process.

Having a better view of your weld pool puts you at an advantaged angle where you’d be able to position each electrode accurately. The outcome is nothing but excellent quality and increased efficiency for you.

Go for welding helmets that boast of the most extensive viewing area available, and a Side Window peripheral vision. A welding helmet with the True-View technology will remove the usual “green haze,” giving you a better view of your welds in HD.

2.   Always Consider Performance: How Powerful is the Lens?

Before you make a purchase, you already have a welding need to meet. When it comes to making smart selections, performance must always match your purpose and idea of results. Contrary to popular opinion, the number of photo-sensors on an auto-darkening welding helmet doesn’t really matter, as far as they never fail to find the welding arc. Now the concern shouldn’t be about the number of sensors on the helmet but the lens. How powerful is the lens?

Speaking of power and performance, always verify that the auto-darkening lenses bring more than just ordinary lenses to the game. Look out for lenses that deliver high-quality arc detection and sensitivity.  Also, ensure that the photo-sensors can detect an arc to an industry-leading 1 amp.

3.   Never Rule Out the Comfort of a Welding Helmet

There’s no way you should compromise your comfort for anything in a welding helmet. You’re likely to spend most of your work hours wearing your hood. So why not make satisfaction another major priority?

Welding helmets with adjustable head harness (preferably more adjustment points) and evenly-distributed weight feel will make a more comfortable fit. The welding helmet should also be compatible with additionals like head and neck covers, and welding earmuffs.

4.   Go for Versatility

Versatility calls into question your welding helmet’s capacity to be cross-functional. A welding helmet should be versatile for various situations as the tasks on separate jobs may differ.

Get a welding helmet that can handle your job requirements and many expectations. These expectations may be a flip-front visor for regular grinding, or even overhead or respiratory protection. Don’t try to bend the rules by purchasing a helmet that’s only useful half the time.

Think versatility and pick from a welding helmet series that offers more from integrated safety helmets, flip-front grinding visors, respiratory options, and optional hearing protection.

5.   Brand and Product Support

There are many helmet brands in the market today. Some brands have remarkably improved their welding helmet production-designs with the changes ushered in by technology. Other brands have also earned a strong position in the business of safety equipment for years. These qualities are also worth looking out for before choosing a brand for your welding helmet.

However, the brand you choose must have great support for its products. Things to look out for in a brand besides the points above (1-4) include the product reviews and a support team. There should be an internal support team devoted to answering your questions and concerns once you’ve gotten your new welding helmet.

Now that we’ve given you tips on things to consider before choosing a welding helmet, I did thorough due diligence in my research and discovered some eye-opening insights online about welding helmets (https://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/welding-helmet-reviews/) and MIG welders.

6.   Eco-Sustainability

Finally, eco-friendliness is another essential factor we often overlook in our shopping decisions. Seize the opportunity this time, and get a solar-powered welding helmet. You’d be doing not just the environment a world of good, but also your wallet. The solar feature would save you money on buying batteries.

Don’t forget to imbibe the best recycling practices for your welding scraps as well. They remain to have versatile usage to industrial mills. If you had an old welding helmet, you can convert it to something nice for your home like a flower pot.

Now that you know what to consider before choosing a welding helmet, click here to get interesting cost-saving insights and eco-friendly tips that you can apply and transform your welding practices tremendously.