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Green Household Activities

Frugal moms aren’t just eco-wise, but good stewards with good values to teach their kids and the entire family. They celebrate creation in special ways and pass on values to the next generation.

Green habits provide frugal options for every mom. Eco-friendly household activities result in good home budgeting and economics, atop supporting mother earth.

Green Tips to household chores add up to cleaning the air, reducing landfill waste, and promoting natural landscape preservation.

Small lifestyle changes and green household activities curb increasing energy costs and counteract global warming, among other environmental issues.

Involve your kids and the rest of the family in your household chores and activities to help them understand the “what” and “why” of what you do. It’s a sure way to double your efforts as a frugal mom.

Your kids become what you teach them, and they’ll pass the same to their children and your children’s children.

With the following tips, you make a safer, greener, healthier and fun place for your kids to call home.