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About Us

About Our Founder

Winter K. Wilson

Winter K. Wilson is a frugal mom and the founder of Frugally Green Mom. She’s a vegetarian and loves to adopt a healthy and green lifestyle that protects the environment. Wilson’s love for animals inspired her to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

She’s also passionate about the environment. Being a mom, Wilson saw the need to protect Mother Earth through the everyday choices we make in and outside the home. She’s inspiring and motivating other mothers to follow in her footsteps to protect the environment.

What’s more, she believes that bringing up environment-conscious children is the key to saving the planet for future generations. And, a mom is in the best position to impart these skills to their young ones to ensure they grow up with a love for the environment. After all, a mom is the first teacher in a child’s life.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Frugally Green Mom is to teach, inspire and motivate other moms to protect the environment and the planet.


Our aim is to become a leading online platform for mothers to seek insight and tips on how to live a green lifestyle. We also seek to become an authoritative green platform for moms worldwide.